Review of ‘From Newbie to Millionaire : Internet Marketing Success System Explained’

picture of christine clay fieldChristine Clayfield

Making money for yourself online will be much easier for you once you’ve read ‘From Newbie To Millionaire’. The book gives you everything to get started. It’s written by Christine Clayfield, who is a self made millionaire. She explains her internet marketing success system step-by-step from keyword and niche research to driving traffic to your web site. Born in 1959, she is recognised as a Bestselling Author. She has now written 6 books: 1 novel (her own life story) and 5 business books. You can view her other titles here.

There are 506 pages of tips, techniques and content in this book to get your teeth into.

Price is £29.97 from Amazon

What I like best about ‘From Newbie to Millionaire’

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The book is very easy to read and understand and is a must have book for anyone who wants to try making money online. It is so clearly laid out. There’s no need to have technical knowledge or any prior experience about how to earn money online. It really is the only book you need to make money on the internet.

I always approach a book review from the point of view of someone who knows absolutely nothing about the subject. It’s the only way to give a fair review to the author, who has no way of knowing your level of knowledge in the subject they are writing about.

‘From Newbie to Millionaire’ is a good book; Christine walks us through some of the more complicated aspects of affiliate marketing that are a surely a bit baffling to the uninitiated reader. The system she uses is very sensible and if followed through I see no reason why the reader can not go on to have success in Affiliate Marketing.

The book also contains video links which are a useful addition to the subject matter, allowing alternative views on some of the techniques which are sometimes a bit ‘smoke and mirrors’ to the casual observer. Christine makes few assumptions about the knowledge of the reader and explains any jargon as she goes along.

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One of the key themes in the book is one of hard work and dedication. Affiliate Marketing is not a Get Rich Quick system and needs focus to succeed. If you are looking for such an outcome, don’t buy this book, you’ll be disappointed if you do (and you’ll always be disappointed because there are no such systems). Christine makes no bones about that and it is emphasised consistently through it’s pages. The book is quite a hefty volume, so can’t really be digested in one go, so it’s best read in sections to avoid information overload.

There is probably enough information here to fill two books, and I would imagine it would be easily possible to sign up on a training course for £500-1,000 and get the same information, so the price is really a no brainer even though it might sound a little expensive at nearly 30 quid.

Critical Points

Of the critical comments about the book, it needs laser focused attention to achieve the same level of success and I think the book could be judged as extremely dry and perhaps a little boring to the casual reader. Certain sections of the book are already out of date, such as the chapter focused on SEO, but that is always a danger for any book when Google moves the goalposts every 6 months! There is also a section on PageRank, which has been discontinued.

Drop shipping is covered in only scant details in the book, but for a user intent of digging more into that, they’re probably better off reading her other title dedicated to it (see below)

I think the book will be immensely useful for anyone venturing into Affiliate Marketing for the first time, but if you know a little bit about the subject then you’ll probably have come across a fair few of the subjects elsewhere, and less value can be drawn from it.

Other books by Christine Clayfield that will help affiliate marketers

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dave is the owner and main writer on Earn Online, a website designed to encourage affiliate success.


    • Thanks Nila, I try to provide good info without swamping the visitor. This book came recommended to me and I don’t hesitate to pass it on.

  1. Hi Dave!
    Wonderful website and book recommendation! Definitely going to scoop that up!
    You and I are both Wealthy Affiliate Alumni and we sure do think alot alike…all postive and earning focussed!
    In fact my website Easy-Moneys.com “How To Make Money Easily Online” is serendipitously similar in concept to your website!
    Perhaps we could Private Message and Brainstorm on WIN-WIN Strategies:
    1. Liking and Commenting and Socially Sharing WA Blog Posts & Website Posts & Affiliate Offers
    2. Doing Testimonial Website Blog Posts for each other …..simply Reviewing how we connected via WA and how much I connected with your website and your WA Blogs and recommendations! d

    Are you interested?

    Barb of Easy-Moneys
    +1(250)809-4517 Text Messages Only Canada

    • Hi Barb, thanks for the kind words!

      I need to look at your website yet, I’ve been busy withe property empire 😂

      Your suggestion is a good one though, the commenting side of things will greatly help. I’m looking for comments on another site at https://durhamweather.co.uk at the moment, could you help me there?

      Definitely up for your testimonial suggestion too!


  2. Hey, thanks for sharing information about this book. How useful did you find it, you mention some of the information is a little out of date, but is it still worth the read?

    You are right, there are no quick ways of earning money online, and I am glad it covers Affiliate Marketing – that is a great genuine way of earning money.


    • As usual, with this kind of book, it’s the principles conveyed that are important. Books will always go out of date, but can be followed up by more research if required. Her other books are good companions to this one and give a good understanding of how it all works. I think it is still worth the read and I still got a good deal from it (even after some years doing the do)

      Regards, Dave.

  3. ‘Newbie to Millionaire’, this is a captivating title for a book. Never heard of Christine Clayfield but she seems to be a good author who is well informed within her niche. Though the book seems to be a little too pricey especially for a newbie who is starting in internet marketing, for 506 pages it seems to have a lot of information. Her other books you have highlighted also looks worth the time, will definitely check out the book and how i can get hold of it as you have highlighted.

    • Thanks for the comment Anita. Her books get good reviews and I think she’s pitched them just right, so as to interest the newbie as well as the more seasoned entrepreneur. I found this one to be a very good read. It’s a hefty tome and I couldn’t read it all in one sitting, but it’s great to dip into and extract what you need. She has a nice writing style and everything is easy to understand, no matter what level you are at.

      Regards, Dave

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