I Want to Earn Extra Money At Home Online – How Do I Do It?

I’ve been striving to earn extra money at home online as an affiliate for nearly 20 years. I started doing it whilst I was still in gainful employment in a traditional day job. Affiliate marketing involves promoting other people’s products for a commission payment. It’s possible to build a substantial income from this, allowing people to supplement their earnings online. I did quite well from Google Adsense and have also set up several stores selling items from Amazon.

Over the years, I’ve seen some really bad scams and experienced one or two firsthand. Most people get stung and never return. That’s understandable, but there are still good opportunities available and one or two stand head and shoulders above the others. I’ll guide you through the minefield and steer you away from the bad stuff and towards systems that will make you money as an affiliate.

Like most ‘jobs’, you’ll need to get trained, but i’ll get you plugged in to the best affiliate training possible and you’ll have support from other people just like you. There really isn’t any better time to start.

Is it possible to Earn Extra Money from Home?

Those of you who know me personally will know that i’m pretty crap at keeping secrets, especially when I discover something good. My natural instinct is to share with others. Earning extra money is something we would all like to do. There’s never enough money left at the end of the month normally, in fact there’s usualyy too much month left at the end of the money. Wouldn’t it be good to add extra income?

I’ve probably been mugged off in the past when I’ve shared something and then people have taken advantage, but I’d always like my friends to have something to benefit them if I could point it out to them. But, this is my way. I’m a sharer, and i’ll show anyone who wants to listen how to earn extra money ‘Doing the Affiliate Thing’.

Since everybody got an internet account and a computer, the World has become a much more cynical place. People have been scammed and had money stolen. There are unscrupulous people out there. My reason for creating this website is to allow those of my friends interested to earn extra money from home to do so with vendors who already have great reputations, they are big names already. I’ll help you with avoiding the sharks and muggers who lurk to catch the unsuspecting starter. I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I made when I was starting.

There are probably only a handful of good affiliate program opportunities worth considering today, but it’s not easy to do it right, and you’ll have to do it right to get the biggest benefit.

An Affiliate Business is a Real Business!

One of the great things about being an affiliate is that you have a proper business, but there’s no need for stock, premises or any of the usual costs of running a business. You can represent some of the biggest companies in the World and sell their stuff without any sweat. You do that without being an employee, having to pass a job interview, or being bogged down by the usual office politics, you just get cracking and before you know it you’ll have earnings from your online business.

Most affiliates run their businesses from home, without needing any premises and make an invisible living without anyone really knowing about it. Pretty much all you need is a passion, a website and the ability to get your word out. Everyone has a hobby and finding your niche is what it’s all about.

Not all of you will have experience of owning or building a website and probably won’t have the first clue about how to do it. That doesn’t matter, everyone can be trained and taught. You can have a website up and running in a few hours and start your empire from there.

Hands up if you think that is you? In an ideal World, what would be your niche?

Finding Your Niche – What are your Passions?

If you have a passion in life, such as golf, knitting, motorbikes, houses, pottery, make-up etc, there is an opportunity for you to make money at home from affiliate marketing, with very little outlay. You may think your niche hobby is boring, but inevitably, others will share your passion.

Everybody has knowledge and others are searching for exactly that knowledge. Every time a search is done on Google, you have an opportunity to put your affiliate offer on the table. The search terms are called keywords and you research the keywords to enable you to pick topics that are widely searched for and will result in traffic to your affiliate links.

Consider for one moment being able to tap into markets that generate millions of dollars in sales and take your own percentage of that, without the consumer ever knowing? He pays the same price for the goods and you get a cut of the spoils automatically. Sounds good right?

Well millions of ordinary people are currently doing exactly that, earning extra money online from home, with their own businesses.

What are YOUR passions?

Affiliate Marketing is about Helping People Too

I’ve focused above on how to earn extra money online, but as well as physical products, there is also a huge market these days to get involved with digital products. Ebooks are very popular these days and are easy to deliver (an electronic book can be delivered by email). They also carry hefty commissions, with publishers willing to pay 50-75% to affiliates!

A lot of digital products are aimed at helping people overcome particular problems in their lives, whether they be problems with health, or relationships maybe. The subject matter is almost endless, but you can tap into digital products as a great way to earn extra affiliate income as part of your home based business.


In the digital age there’s never been a better opportunity for the ordinary guy in the street to earn extra money online. The market is huge. You have access to billions of people, all searching for information and products every day. Huge retailers are making offers to you to sell their products for them in exchange for great commissions. The market is there, the opportunity is there, all you need to do is put yourself in a position to take advantage of all of these things.

Get trained up how to do it. Put yourself in a position to win from these opportunities. You can. Anyone can. But there are right ways and wrong ways. To become a successful affiliate you need to know the secrets and have the support of like-minded people.

Ready to go? Click here.

Please leave your comments on this article below. I’m always interested to hear your opinions and any questions you may have.




dave is the owner and main writer on Earn Online, a website designed to encourage affiliate success.


  1. Hello Dave,
    This is a great post. Very informative and encouraging. I also love earning money online with affiliate marketing. You really described it how it really works. I like the fact you mentioned that affiliate marketing is also about helping people.
    Best regards,

    • Thanks Che. I like to spread the word that anyone can do it. You don’t have to be a computer geek 🙂

  2. Absolute amazing guide my friend. I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for 2 years and love everything about it. The fact that I don’t need a brick and mortar business or any kind of product is the best thing and I think everyone should at least give it a try! Cheers for the info

  3. You make some really great points and advantages about being an affilaite marketer and you sound like you know what you are doing! I have started in this affiliate world and I am sure I can learn a thing or two from you!

    • Thanks for your comment Danielle, we’re all on a learning curve and teach each other. It’s all about keeping on keeping on I guess. 🙂

    • Thank you Stewart. If I can encourage others to get into it and see the potential, i’ve succeeded.

    • Thanks for the comment Donald. You may use the information yourself as I want to be helpful to as many people as possible trying to make money online. There are so many pitfalls and scams out there (see a future post to show how to avoid them). Good luck with your website.

  4. You really do make it sound like  profession I would like to get into in the digital age – I’m wondering how easy it would be to start up an affiliate marketing business on fishing?

    How long did it take you to learn the basics of this form of marketing and how easy was the journey? Is it a newbie freindly form of marketing/business?

    • Hi Chris, well if your passion is fishing then that would probably be your niche. You could divide it down further if you wished – Carp fishing, fishing baits, fishing flys, etc. The World is your oyster really. I didn’t really know anything about marketing, although I did have Worpress experience.

      Wealthy Affiliate training took me through everything in about 5 weeks. I’m still learning, still training and still hungry.

      Regards, Dave

  5. Hello Dave, I’m just starting out in the world of affiliate marketing, you really have many opportunities to make an extra income or even a full-time income !. Best of all, there are affiliate programs for any niche you choose, so you can work on your passion and make a good income by doing what you like. And of course, affiliate marketing is a real job like any other 🙂

  6. Good afternoon Dave,

    I am happy to read you are a person who likes to share when you find something good and helpful.

    With the experience of 20 years you will be able to help and at the same time warn your visitors about any danger they may encounter. This internet world is full of sharks as you point out and it is easy to fall for a scam when one is new. 

    Affiliate Marketing is very convienent as you can do it from home in your own time. You can take this business with you, laptop under your arm, and off you go, that is the beauty of it.

    You can write about your interests and at the same time help people, a great combination I think.

    Thank you for this good post, it explains everything in great detail.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Thanks Taetske, yes the experience of seeing scams and such for 20 years means I don’t fall for the rhetoric and inflated promises that some younger fortune seekers do. If i can help keep them away from the bad scammy stuff and point them at the good stuff, i’ll be more than happy.

      Wealthy Affiliate work can be done anywhere, on a bus or even the middle of a field (i’ve done both). Truly a work from anywhere business.


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