CBEngine – A Tool to take your Clickbank Marketing Business to the next level

Product : CBEngine

Link : cbengine.com

Price : Free (basic) / $27 (professional lifetime)

Rating : 95/100

Scam or Legitimate : Legitimate

If you have selected Clickbank as a Marketplace whose products you wish to promote, you’ll need more information than the standard Clickbank site provides. When I started looking at Clickbank and researching niches and products, I knew I needed more info. After searching for help, I found a little gem of a tool called CB Engine which seems to do the job more than well.

With CB Engine you can drill down a lot further into the data. I found that I could get inside info that just isn’t visible on the standard Clickbank pages. The search tools and analytical software helped find Clickbank Marketplace products that convert well, so I can make more money. The website allows signing up for a free trial to learn more about the products I’d look to promote. Registering for a Professional account gets access to even more ‘classified’ information.

  • Full access to product performance graphs, stats and ranking histories
  • Bookmark System – manage products you’re currently promoting or interested in
  • Custom Search Results (choose what you want to see)
  • ClickBank Affiliate Insider – recommendation system for hot products
  • ClickBank Nickname Manager – with 1-click login to clickbank.com
  • Find Products w/ Advanced Search Features
  • ClickBank Adsense Style Ads for your website
  • ClickBank Storefront 2.0 (php script for your website)
  • And a lot more

ClickBank Product Search Overview

CB ENGINE is a powerful research and tracking tool that lets you find quality products of interest in the ClickBank Marketplace. Simply use the search box in the right-hand menu to begin finding ClickBank Products you are interested in promoting. You need to experiment with it a bit and try all the different search variables and combinations of search variable available to you. It takes a little practice, but once you get the hang of it, its easy.

Product Ranking History & Statistics Page

The ClickBank Marketplace only shows a product’s current rank. Luckily, CBENGINE collects and stores each product’s ranking history weekly. Affiliates analyze the sales data to find products to promote or track.
The ranking history provides insight into how well a product sells over time. For example, if the ranking steadily increases, it means that the product’s sales performance is improving and may be a good candidate for promoting. But if the ranking decreases over time it usually means the product has lost its power, suffering massive refunds, or the product has run its course. The more you know about the products you promote the more profitable you will become!

Folders & Bookmarks

The bookmark system is built right into the search results page. This allows you to quickly “save” products of interest to your Inbox folder for later review and analysis. Bookmarks can be added, deleted, moved, grouped and exported. The bookmark manager also lets you know if and when a ClickBank product is removed from the ClickBank marketplace. The bookmark function is designed to make research easy.

CBengine Bookmark System

An overview of the ClickBank Bookmark System

Our bookmark system saves and organizes ClickBank product names and other information for your review. Great for researching or referencing products you promote or track.

Tracking ClickBank Products

  1. Saving to your bookmarks
    When you bookmark products from the cbengine research section, they are listed, by default, in your ‘inbox’ temp folder. From here you create and group them into easy to manage folders. In addition, you can set bookmark preferences in the member section. You have three options: turn off bookmarks. Turning off bookmarks increases search results speed. Default setting: again just placing bookmarks in inbox for later organization. Or three: pop-up mode. This allows you to create and organize into folders as you select products. The options provide for different working styles.
  2. Removed Product List
    If you see a ‘removed product’ list on the main bookmark page, that means you have products bookmarked that were not found in the Clickbank marketplace during our last update. You can either delete or keep and see if the product comes back. (products often do)

Adding, Editing, Deleting and Moving Folders

  1. What are bookmark folders?
    Create folders, group, create subfolders and move by dragging and dropping or using the drop-down functionality.
  2. How do I delete a bookmark?
    Click the ‘garbage can’. Keep in mind, if you delete a bookmarked product that you have in more than one folder (one product can be listed in several categories) , it will be deleted from all folders that include it.

ClickBank Ranking History

ClickBank’s Marketplace shows only the product’s current rank. CBengine pulls and tracks each product’s ranking history week by week. Ranking History sheds light onto how well a product sells over a period of time. A product on the rise indicates it might be a good product to promote. A ranking descending might signal the product is loosing its momentum, or experiencing a lot of returns. Product ranking histories show the following information by marketplace category:

  • Date – the date when the rank was achieved.
  • Rank – the rank that was achieved on that date.
  • Mntm – the momentum that was achieved on that date.
  • Chng – the change in ranking position from the last ranking achieved.
  • Graph – the bar provides a quick at-a-glance view for a product’s performance over time.

A ranking history with only a single record indicates that rank has been steady, products with frequent ranking changes display more ranking records in their histories. Look for the products that display continuous increasing rank information.

How The ClickBank® Marketplace Works

In the ClickBank Marketplace website products are ranked by their “productivity score”. To preserve the integrity of the system ClickBank does not publish the exact formula for the score, but do say that it is a function of three factors:

  1. The number of sales of that product generated by affiliates.
  2. The number of affiliates who made those referrals.
  3. The total dollar volume earned by affiliates on those sales.

All factors are combined, and adjusted such that more recent sales activity is given greater weight. Products are not listed until at least one has been sold. ClickBank affiliates earn a percentage of every purchase made by every customer they refer to any ClickBank product.

Searching Clickbank Products

CBENGINE provides a complex search tool that allows you to focus your search according to keywords, minimum ranking, minimum gains, and specific clickBank categories, and even product page.

Category View: display products grouped by marketplace category

Product View: Rank, Change & momentum are shown as averages in the “Product View”.

Finding Clickbank Products – Search Form

Top Category:

  • Business to Business
  • Computing & Internet
  • Fun & Entertainment
  • Health & Fitness
  • Home & Family
  • Marketing & Ads
  • Money & Employment
  • Society & Culture
  • Sports & recreation
  • Wagering

Sub Category: Sub Categories are generated dynamically after you select your primary category.

Ranking in: Select from top 1 to top 50… top 1 will provide a very limited report with only the best current products.

Commission: Search by commission rate % or $

Keywords: Enter a keyword or phrase

Type: All words vs. Any words [and or]

CB Engine Product Columns

CB Engine Search Box


CB Engine gives so much more insight into the products listed on the Clickbank Marketplace. My view is that if you are attempting to break into the Clickbank scene, this is an essential tool in your armory. It reveals things that just aren’t available elsewhere. It may help prevent trying to promote a product that is spent, or identify another that is about to go stratospheric. I use it, and think you should benefit from it too.

Product : CBEngine

Link : cbengine.com

Price : Free (basic) / $27 (professional lifetime)

Rating : 95/100

Scam or Legitimate : Legitimate


Review of ‘From Newbie to Millionaire : Internet Marketing Success System Explained’

picture of christine clay fieldChristine Clayfield

Making money for yourself online will be much easier for you once you’ve read ‘From Newbie To Millionaire’. The book gives you everything to get started. It’s written by Christine Clayfield, who is a self made millionaire. She explains her internet marketing success system step-by-step from keyword and niche research to driving traffic to your web site. Born in 1959, she is recognised as a Bestselling Author. She has now written 6 books: 1 novel (her own life story) and 5 business books. You can view her other titles here.

There are 506 pages of tips, techniques and content in this book to get your teeth into.

Price is £29.97 from Amazon

What I like best about ‘From Newbie to Millionaire’

click to purchase

The book is very easy to read and understand and is a must have book for anyone who wants to try making money online. It is so clearly laid out. There’s no need to have technical knowledge or any prior experience about how to earn money online. It really is the only book you need to make money on the internet.

I always approach a book review from the point of view of someone who knows absolutely nothing about the subject. It’s the only way to give a fair review to the author, who has no way of knowing your level of knowledge in the subject they are writing about.

‘From Newbie to Millionaire’ is a good book; Christine walks us through some of the more complicated aspects of affiliate marketing that are a surely a bit baffling to the uninitiated reader. The system she uses is very sensible and if followed through I see no reason why the reader can not go on to have success in Affiliate Marketing.

The book also contains video links which are a useful addition to the subject matter, allowing alternative views on some of the techniques which are sometimes a bit ‘smoke and mirrors’ to the casual observer. Christine makes few assumptions about the knowledge of the reader and explains any jargon as she goes along.

click to purchase

One of the key themes in the book is one of hard work and dedication. Affiliate Marketing is not a Get Rich Quick system and needs focus to succeed. If you are looking for such an outcome, don’t buy this book, you’ll be disappointed if you do (and you’ll always be disappointed because there are no such systems). Christine makes no bones about that and it is emphasised consistently through it’s pages. The book is quite a hefty volume, so can’t really be digested in one go, so it’s best read in sections to avoid information overload.

There is probably enough information here to fill two books, and I would imagine it would be easily possible to sign up on a training course for £500-1,000 and get the same information, so the price is really a no brainer even though it might sound a little expensive at nearly 30 quid.

Critical Points

Of the critical comments about the book, it needs laser focused attention to achieve the same level of success and I think the book could be judged as extremely dry and perhaps a little boring to the casual reader. Certain sections of the book are already out of date, such as the chapter focused on SEO, but that is always a danger for any book when Google moves the goalposts every 6 months! There is also a section on PageRank, which has been discontinued.

Drop shipping is covered in only scant details in the book, but for a user intent of digging more into that, they’re probably better off reading her other title dedicated to it (see below)

I think the book will be immensely useful for anyone venturing into Affiliate Marketing for the first time, but if you know a little bit about the subject then you’ll probably have come across a fair few of the subjects elsewhere, and less value can be drawn from it.

Other books by Christine Clayfield that will help affiliate marketers

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