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Lost Relics – A New Dawn Update

Lost Relics

Lost Relics, the number one ARPG on Enjin, just got new features. Now players have secret stashes, can create their own dungeon and there are new slots to equip more relics. This is a big update, and this dungeon crawler is slowly getting better and better.

Cliff Cawley, the main developer, added a lot of new features and changes to the game. Players have a few slots to equip gear like weapons, swords, armor and relics.
Before the update, 5 relics could be equipped, but now Cliff added an additional slot.

Player in a Lost Relics adventure

This will allow for increased customization and it will boost the demand for relics. Besides this, the inventory was also expanded and now counts with 2 extra inventory slots. This will allow players to carry more items like healing potions for example.

With these changes, the everyday life of Lost Relics’ adventurers just got way easier. More coal mines were also added, which will allow players to gather more of this material. Coal has an important role in Lost Relics’ economy and crafting professions.

Coal Mine
Lost Relics Coal Mine

One thing dedicated players complained about was all the time lost going from the portal, which leads to every instance, to the city. This route had to be done every time to unload all the loot and get items for the next adventure.

Cliff fixed this issue by adding secret stashes. After each adventure, players can now access their secret stash that has 5 slots. For every slot 1,000 of each item can be stored. Then, if players feel like it’s their lucky day, the new Raffle system is now added!


With this system, players can buy up to ten raffle tickets, each costing 1,000 gold, and every 48 hours ten winners will be announced. Rewards can go from simple in-game items to rare NFTs. Last but not least, the greatest addition to the game: The Dreamscape.

The Dreamscape gives players the ability to create their own instances. There are different parameters like:

  • Difficulty
  • Monster types, quantity, and limits
  • Dreamscape theme
  • Weather
  • Time of day

Everything a player does in this custom instance will be reset at the end. Items spent will be refilled, dying won’t make players lose their items, etc. Besides this, players can invite their friends to test their own Dreamscape experience.

Other minor features are also added, like gifting, Discord integration with Lost Relics account, the ability to favorite production skill recipes and an enhanced friends list.


Lost Relics is slowly heading in the right direction. With every update, the gameplay is getting more advanced. But, are these new features enough to withstand against other web3 games?
There are identical web3 ARPGs popping up in the NFT Gaming space right now such as Ember Sword, Synergy Land, and Guild of Guardians. Personally, I think these games will bring a lot of features that are lacking in Lost Relics, like skills, classes, stats, and a more engaging combat system.

That being said, I believe that Cliff has to speed up the development of this game, or part of the community might leave to join these more appealing web3 games.

What is Lost Relics?

Lost Relics is an instance-based ARPG on the Enjin ecosystem. In this game, players adventure themselves into dungeons filled with monsters, traps and other dangers to get loot. This loot can go from in-game consumables and materials to NFTs that can be sold on a marketplace for profit.

An interesting feature is that if players die in an instance they instantly lose all their non-NFT items.

In Lost Relics, unlike other games of the same genre, how strong your character is depends entirely on its gear.  Besides that, there’s only solo mode even though the community believes that co-op will be introduced in one of the next updates.

To learn more about the project, check out our full Lost Relics guide and review and watch the video review below.