Thetan Arena Game Guide

Thetan Arena Overview

Thetan Arena is a MOBA play-to-earn videogame where you play with a team or in solo to earn $THC!

This guide will help you to get started in Thetan Arena. Learn more about the game mechanics, the game tokens and economy, and follow our tips for a good start in Thetan Arena.

Thetan Arena Review

Thetan Arena ScreenshotYou play with a hero that will have a class and a role in the battlefield. He can either be a tank, marksman, or assassin.

The Hero you choose will have an ultimate that only that hero will have and on top of that, you can add 2 extra skills that are available for all the heroes. This choice will depend entirely on your playing style and strategy.

Each hero will fit better a specific role. When it comes to skills they can be offensive or defensive. If you want to go full offense maybe take a marksman hero and choose 2 offensive skills!

As an example, if you want to be good at soaking up damage for your team then choose a hero with high HP and 2 defensive skills.

After choosing a hero and its skills it’s time to test it in the arena. You have 2 different game modes available and every 20m these game modes change.

These are all the available game modes:

  • Battle Royale (Solo / Duo) – In Battle Royale the last man or duo standing wins.
  • Tower Siege – In Tower Siege, my favorite, a battery spawns in the middle of the map and your team made up of 5 elements has to get and hold that battery in order to spawn a robot. That robot can then deal damage to the opponent’s tower. The first team to destroy the opponent’s tower or deal the highest amount of damage in 4 minutes wins.
  • Super Star – In Super Star a big star spawns in the middle of the map and your team has to catch it and hold it. By holding the big star, small stars that your team can catch will spawn next to it and after 4 minutes the team with the highest amount of small stars will win.
  • Deathmatch – In deathmatch when you kill an opponent’s hero you get points for your team and when you die the opponent’s team gets points. After 4 minutes the team with the highest amount of points wins.
  • Custom Battle – If you want to create a game and play with your friends only you can create a custom battle and invite them to play together. The host can freely choose any option among available possibilities of game modes, and maps and can decide the number of in-game players.

You can also level up your heroes to make them stronger by spending $THG and $PP.  $PP (Power Points) is an in-game currency only and cannot be traded.

Fast, fun, and simple, that’s how we would describe the gameplay of Thetan Arena.

About Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena LogoThetan Arena is a MOBA game based on blockchain technology developed by Wolfun Game.

It started its open beta on October 2021 and it was officially launched on November 27th.

The game was already built and what the team did here was copying their previous game Hero Strike, change its name, add the blockchain layer, and mad it play-to-earn. Thetan Arena’s twin Hero Strike is still online and with a considerable player base.

Thetan Arena Play-to-Earn Mechanics

At the moment, Thetan Arena’s play-to-earn model is not what it was at its launch. The game is free to play but the truth is that if you don’t own a premium hero, you’ll barely get any returns.

If you own a premium hero which is an NFT it won’t make that much of a difference anyway as the in-game economy was not well thought out at launch, and the price of the game’s tokens keep falling.

The truth is that no one really plays to earn anymore in this game. Take it as a fun game to play in which you can earn a little.

Initial Investment

You can play for free, or you can invest in:

  • A common hero for 900 $THC which is around 13 USD
  • An epic hero for 2550 $THC which is around 37 USD
  • A legendary hero for 7000 $THC which is around 100 USD

The initial investment is pretty low, but so are the rewards you will get by playing the game.

Thetan Arena Rewards System

Thetan Arena Ranking RewardsIf you’re a free player you’ll get milestone rewards like when you reach a certain ranked level for example you get some $THC.

If you manage to reach the Private 3 level, congratulations! You became 22 cents of a dollar richer! But, if you actually want to withdraw these 22 cents of a dollar and add them to your portfolio you’ll have to spend 1 $THG which is the governance token, so around 1.31 USD to withdraw 22 cents.

If you own NFT heroes you’ll get the ranking rewards + rewards for winning a match.

  • Common hero: 9.25 $THC per win
  • Epic hero: 12.50 $THC per win
  • Legendary Hero: 29.55 $THC per win

But each hero will have a daily limit and a total limit of battles in which it can win $THC. After the daily limit, you stop earning $THC for that day, and after the total limit, you stop earning $THC forever with that hero.

So, if your hero reaches the total limit of battles it becomes useless. In the future, they mentioned ‘hero staking’ in order to bring utility to the NFT heroes without any remaining battles.

Thetan Arena Tokens

$THG or Thetan Gem

Governance token used to withdraw your $THC out of Thetan Arena and level up heroes, with a total supply of 420 million.

The team mentioned at some point you’ll be able to stake them and earn passive income with the token.

$THC or Thetan Coin

Utility token of Thetan Arena with an unlimited supply. Earned by achieving certain milestones and by winning matches with an NFT hero.

Used to trade heroes in the marketplace and buy new ‘free’ heroes.

How to Get Started in Thetan Arena

All you need is to have a BNBChain compatible wallet, like Metamask, create an account on their official website. Then download the game for PC or for mobile and you are ready to go!

You’ll get 3 starter heroes which don’t win $THC when they win a match and congratulations! You’re a Thetan Arena player!

Tips for a Good Start in Thetan Arena

Form a Team

Start Playing Thetan Arena
I highly recommend you connect with some players and form a team. It can be annoying to play a match with players that just wander around the map and end up being useless to their team!

Having an organized, coordinated, and balanced team makes all the difference

Play for the Goals

No point in killing 30 opponents’ heroes if you lost the match! Focus on what will bring you victory and not so much on getting kills!

The only exception for this is in deathmatch where the goal is really to get as many kills as possible!

Consider Investing

With the current hero prices, if you really like the game, I recommend you buy an NFT hero with 0 battles played and level it up with $THG. It won’t cost you that much.

It makes a huge difference in your hero stats and will give you a big advantage over other players.

Also, at some point (in the distant future) you’ll get your ROI back since you earn $THC with every win.

10 Tips for Thetan Arena Beginners

Thetan Arena Tournament Gameplay

Thetan Arena Review

Thetan Arena is a fun MOBA game that is well suited for all types of players. Either if you are a casual gamer who just wants to chill after work or if you are a hardcore highly competitive player, this project will suit you!

When it comes to play to earn, the game’s economy was poorly designed and this resulted in a huge drop in hero, $THC and $THG prices!

The team did the mistake of giving away too many heroes diluting the investment of the early investors. Also, they released $THC tokens without having any initial utility!

Heroes only started being traded with this token 2 months ago, so what happened was that everyone was just dumping all the $THC in the market creating huge selling pressure.

Thetan Coin Price chart from launch to March 2022

As you can see on the chart above, $THC went from an all-time high of 1 USD to 0.015 USD in just a few months.

When the game came out it had huge potential because there are no Brawl Stars-like games in the play to earn space. At first, the dual token economy looked solid in the whitepaper. But then things weren’t well managed, the economy crashed and early investors got burned. I invested around $1,000 in hero boxes and now my investment is now worth $70…

In short, Thetan Arena is a fun game to play, but don’t expect to make huge gains by playing it.

Let’s see if the team can turn things around and come up with updates to put the game economy back on track.

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