Lost Relics Game Guide

Lost Relics

Lost Relics is the first and only playable Action RPG there is in NFT Gaming!

In this guide you’ll find everything you need to know in order to get started in Lost Relics and earn NFTs!

Lost Relics Gameplay Overview

In Lost Relics you adventure yourself into dungeons filled with monsters, traps and sometimes bosses! These dungeons are also filled with loot including gold, a virtual currency, virtual items and if you’re lucky NFTs! 

NFTs have utility inside the world of Lost Relics. For example you can find a sword that can be used to vanquish your foes! But you’ll only be able to keep this loot if you survive and find the exit of the dungeon!

If you don’t make it out alive, you’ll loose all the loot gathered on the dungeon as well as all the virtual items that you brought with you.

About Lost Relics

Lost Relics, previously known as Forgottern Artifacts, was released in May 2019. The game was first launched as a pre-alpha version where players were able to start to collecting NFTs.  Lost Relics is one of the first project on the Enjin blockchain, a network specially designed for gaming.
Over the past years, the development continued and the game still gets updated on a regular basis. The project is developed by CodeBit Labs which has only one developer: Cliff Cawley! That’s right, one man managed to develop the whole game!

Lost Relics


Lost Relics Play-to-Earn Mechanics

Lost Relics doesn’t have any tradable token. To earn, you will have to find NFTs in the dungeons you visit and then sell these NFTs on the marketplace. 


Rare NFTs are quite scarce, so don’t expect to earn too much… Unless you are the lucky soul to find a Mythical Inferno Blade that can be traded for $600.

Initial Investment

If you are patient, the game is free to play. You will need to register on the website and wait your turn. On your account page, you will be able to see how many accounts are waiting for activation.

If you can’t wait, you can gain immediate and permanent access by buying a 7, 30 or 90 day Power Pendant in the Lost Relics Shop.

Lost Relics Pendants

Lost Relics Rewards System

Trade itemsThere are two ways to earn in Lost Relics:

  • By selling your NFTs either in a secondary market like EnjinX or in the in-game marketplace, the Emporium.
  • By finding Shadowstones in a dungeon. It’s an in-game currency and 100 of those is the equivalent of 1 $ENJ.

Lost Relics Token

Lost Relics just has in-game virtual tokens: Gold and Shadowstones.

Gold can be used to buy virtual items in the game. Shadowstones are used to buy NFTs from other players in the in-game marketplace.

Shadowstones can also be traded for Enjin tokens a the rate of 100 Shadowstones for 1 Enjin token.

So far the game has no tradable token of its own.

How to Get Started in Lost Relics

All you need is to create an account in their website, register and wait or buy the pendant to get instant access for 11.46 USD.

Once you’re inside Lost Relics there will be an introductory quest that will lead you to various NPCs. That’s how you will get familiar with Talmuth, the main town and meet its inhabitants.

You will then head to your first dungeon which is quite easy. You will learn the basic controls and open your first chests!
Then, all you need is to keep improving your skills and getting better gear. This will enable you to enter more difficult dungeons which bring better rewards.

The game flow is pretty basic: Find a quest, go to a dungeon, grind, come back to town and prepare for the next dungeon.

When you are in town, you can trade with other players in the Emporium or you can level up your skills by crafting items that can be used in your adventures.

Tips for playing Lost Relics

Use your bow

Nothing works better than shooting your enemies from a distance.

Gather everything you can

Try to get as many resources as possible from each adventure. So this means buying a pickaxe for your early cave-like adventures where you’ll find rocks to extract minerals from. On top of that you’ll level your gathering skills and later your professions which will allow you to get and craft more powerful items.

Use healing items

If you are going to a dungeon and you are not sure you can complete it, prepare in advance! Get some food to heal you in case things go wrong!

Open all the chests you find

Try to find every chest in each dungeon. Remember, you want to get the best out of each adventure and believe me, it’s worth to loose one extra minute to explore a section of the dungeon in which you didn’t go. You never know what that chest might contain!

Get quests from the Bounty Hunter

The Bounty Hunter will give you quests that will give you extra rewards upon completion.

Lost Relics Review

Lost Relics

Lost Relics is the only playable Action RPG in NFT Gaming so far. Obviously and as it is expected from a game in alpha, there are lots of missing features. The quests are quite simple and repetitive and there is not much content overall.

We don’t even think it makes sense to call it an ARPG (Action Role Playing Game) at this point since you don’t really have a role. But the game has been receiving lots of updates and it has becoming way better than what it was when it was first released.

When it comes to earning, don’t expect to earn much while playing Lost Relics. If your priority is to make money through NFT Gaming then don’t invest time here.

If the team implements a better skill system, stats points, classes and better play-to-earn mechanics, we will see many more players joining the game. Until then, Lost Relics is a fun game to play once in a while. The project still has a big potential for success, so let’s keep an eye out for the future updates.

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