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Parallel Avatar Mint in July

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Parallel is gearing up for their Avatar mint, which starts in early July. These Avatar NFTs will not only provide earning bonuses when used in the Parallel TCG, but will also have ongoing use cases for future games and events in the Parallel universe!

Want an avatar that can be used across multiple games? Then maybe the Parallel Avatar mint is the thing for you! Parallel wants their avatars to be a central, playable character across a variety of games, starting with their trading card game. Players who equip their Avatar, and win with a deck that matches the Avatar earn extra PRIME tokens when winning matches. In addition, owning an Avatar provides early access to Colony, a new AI-driven game in the works by the Parallel team, use in other, upcoming games, and even access to a casting call to have your Avatar appear in a future Parallel comic!

These avatars will be full 3d models. As a test, the team has been running simulations with their avatars in an Unreal engine setting, and it looks like their tests are going pretty well!

Parallel Avatars in Unreal engine
Parallel Avatars in Unreal engine

Parallel Avatar Mint Info

There are 3 ways to mint one of these Parallel Avatars The first phase of the Parallel Avatar sale begins on July 6th. This will be for those on the ‘Manifest’ and Avatars will cost 11 PRIME tokens (~$20 USD). The Manifest is an allowlist feature that Parallel has used for previous drops, meant to reward those who are most invested in the game. This Manifest includes Masterpiece holders, all of Echelon’s Ardent program members, and Prismatic Key Holders. The snapshot for the Manifest will happen sometime next week.

After that, in mid-July, there will be a public sale on OpenSea. No price has yet been set for the public portion of this drop. On to of that, there will also be an option to Play to mint by completing the Avatar Challenge in the game. Details on this have also not been revealed yet. The team says to expect more info on the play to mint feature closer to the beta release, which could be as soon as late July.

You can view the official Parallel Avatars page, though it doesn’t have much more info that what I’ve laid out here.

sample Avatar
sample Shroud Avatar

What is Parallel?

Parallel is a sci-fi themed TCG with some interesting mechanics. A lot of it is the standard stuff we expect with a digital TCG these days. Two players build a deck of cards and then take turns drawing and playing these cards in a duel. The first player to reduce their opponent to zero life wins. Cards come in three types — units, effects (spells), and relics. Parallel offers five ‘Parallels’, which are similar to gods / summoners / champions / etc. in other games.

Players build decks of 40 cards in Parallel. Each deck can have up to three copies of a card in their deck, except for Legendary cards, which may only be included once. Each deck can use cards from one Parallel and also cards that are marked as Universal. In addition, players choose a Paragon for their deck. Paragons offer passive bonuses throughout the match no matter their status, and then also function as in-play units with stats and potentially other bonuses or effects.

The mana / energy system in Parallel requires players to ‘bank’ cards from their hand. Each card banked provides one additional maximum energy each turn. Players begin the game with zero energy, so they will need to bank at least one card. Players can bank one card per turn. And on a turn that they bank a card, they draw an extra card at the end of their turn.

Players who win matches with NFT cards in their deck receive PRIME tokens. Parallel will include a free to play option as well.

PRIME is the main game token, and card collectors can already earn some by staking their cards. Also, Parallel offers a card creation tool called Payload. Players can pay a fee in PRIME tokens to generate new cards. In addition, Parallel supports ‘Artigraph’ cards — NFT cards that are digitally signed by the artist. Players can acquire these limited edition cards by paying a fee and upgrading an existing card.

To learn more about Parallel, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

Parallel gameplay
Parallel gameplay
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