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Star Atlas to Close Escape Velocity and Sell Mining Ships

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The end approaches for Escape Velocity. This mini-game from Star Atlas that was a combination tech test and means for players to gather game resources without owning a Mining Claim. But never fear resource-gatherers, for Star Atlas is introducing a new, mining class ship that can gather resources and earn ATLAS tokens!

On July 7th, 2023, Star Atlas will close down their Escape Velocity game. Escape Velocity is a browser-based moving and scanning mini-game that uses the Solana blockchain for all of its calculations. By scanning for loot, players can find Star Atlas resources and even NFTs such as Ships and Mining Claims!

Escape Velocity is free to play, though it does require a refundable deposit of 1000 ATLAS tokens. The Star Atlas team also announced that they discovered a few players using bots to play the game for them. These players will have their rewards capped. Any extra resource rewards they accumulated will be distributed to all the other players who engaged with Escape Velocity.

Going forward, anyone who wishes to gather Star Atlas resources will need with a Mining Claim. Alternatively, players can pick up one of the new Mining Ships that were just announced!

resources earned in Escape Velocity
resources earned in Escape Velocity

Armstrong Mining Ships

As they close down Escape Velocity, Star Atlas opens a new sale for Mining Ships, vehicles dedicated to extracting resources.

We don’t have any details yet about how many resources owners can expect to extract. But we do know that they can be staked either in Faction Fleet to earn ATLAS tokens, or in Faction Claims to earn resources. Faction Fleet and Faction Claims are pre-launch staking systems that encourage players to hold onto their Star Atlas NFTs in exchange for being able to harvest tokens and resources.

These new mining ships come in three sizes, small, medium, and capital. The smallest option, the Armstrong IMP Tip, has a total supply of 10,200 and costs $860 USDC ($430 USDC if you make an early purchase)

And, as seems to be the standard practice for Star Atlas, the ultimate mining ship, the legendary, capital-class, Armstrong IMP, costs quite a pretty penny. $27,500 USDC to be exact! Though, if you manage to pick one up in the first tranche, you can acquire this ship for a mere $13,750.

For all of the mining ships, Star Atlas plans to sell them in three groups, or tranches. The first 30% of each ship type will be in the first group and sell for a 50% discount. The second 30% sells for the base price, while the final 40% of the supply will cost purchasers an extra 10% premium on the base price.

Mining ships should be available in the official Star Atlas marketplace later today.

small mining ship
small mining ship

What is Star Atlas?

The year is 2620. Three factions, MUD, ONI, and USTUR, exist in an uneasy truce across the galaxy. Players explore unknown systems, delve into rocks and earth to acquire resources to build, expand, and conquer! Will you be a fighter, testing your mettle in the arena games? Or an explorer in the depths of space, far beyond the reach of any help? Perhaps a shipwright, creating objects of beauty and technological prowess? Maybe you have bolder ambitions, ones of control and rulership? Well all of these roles and more are open to you in Star Atlas, the space MMO currently in development on the Solana blockchain.

Star Atlas aims to build a galactic, space opera MMO where players control the markets and dictate the ebb and flow of goods and products. The rise or fall of various factions will happen because of player actions, not a directed script.

Along with this comes the expected space exploration and combat, and also land ownership, player governance, and graphic novels. Land owners can build a variety of structures, which allow for mining, production and research. The game taxes land plots to encourage players to use the land rather than sit on it.

Players can currently download the Star Atlas showroom which allows players to roam around a planetary base, engage in races, and try flying various ships.

To learn more about Star Atlas, Visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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