What’s Interoperability?

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Interoperability is key for the next generation of gaming. Interoperability refers to the ability of computer systems to exchange and use each others information. Gamers often talk about cross-platform gaming, which is a form of interoperability. In blockchain gaming we refer to the ability to use individual game assets in multiple games.

When we talk about blockchain games, their individual non-fungible tokens already provide a sense of interoperability. Players who acquire items in one game can sell them on a marketplace, and then buy new items for another game. It’s a very basic form of interoperability, but one concept that’s crucial for the blockchain market.

Interoperability can also be taken one step further. A token on the blockchain can do different things in different games. Players can for example use a virtual shirt in multiple games. Another example would be that one particular token is a sword in one game and a vehicle in the other. Digital ecosystems no longer restrict game assets, but allow them to move around different digital realms. The possibilities are endless.

Current developments and examples

Enjin has a strong focus on interoperability. Many tokenized assets on this platform provide benefits in multiple games. In addition Blockade Games has created an experiment called Metaboss. This is a team-based idle game that uses all kinds of non-fungible tokens.

The thing is, one token is not limited to be used in just one blockchain game. This technology of interoperability also brings new use-cases to the table. Companies could for example use this as a marketing tool. Gamers who already have tokens from game X could be eligible for some free items in the new game. It gives a developers a completely new way to market their products. Another example would be an NFT which gives the owner access to a special real-life event, while it’s also a cosmetic item for a virtual world like Cryptovoxels.

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