An Introduction

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Before you earn through play, you first need to learn. Play to Earn Online Magazine is all about educating gamers and non-gamers alike about the advantages blockchain gaming , non-fungible tokens and other new technologies have to offer. These technologies are empowering, and as a result give individuals more control and financial freedom.

Before you dive into a new technology, it’s important to understand that technology. That’s why we’re collecting a series of educational articles about blockchain technology. In addition we cover topics like blockchain gaming, non-fungible tokens, interoperability and other terminologies that might be unknown to most people. Educate yourself, learn and get ready to play!

What are blockchain games?

In the broadest sense blockchain games are games that utilize blockchain technology. With this blockchain technology gamers are being empowered. It for example allows them to have full ownership over digital assets, and in some cases gamers even govern the entire game. However, there are many degrees of blockchain games. Learn, play then earn. ▶▶▶ Read more

What are non-fungible tokens?

On Play to Earn we often talk about non-fungible tokens or NFTs. To understand what they are, we first need to take a look at the underlying technology. Then we can go deeper into the topic. In addition we need to compare the non-fungible token with a fungible token. But let’s start at the word token. ▶▶▶ Read more

What is the play-to-earn business model?

The Play-to-Earn business model is the latest development in the games industry. It’s a business model that embraces the concept of an open economy and in addition provides financial benefits to all players who add value by contributing to the game world. It’s likely to introduce new game concepts and retention models not yet seen in modern gaming. ▶▶▶ Read more

What is interoperability?

Interoperability is key for the next generation of gaming. Interoperability refers to the ability of computer systems to exchange and use each others information. Gamers often talk about cross-platform gaming, which is a technical form of interoperability. However, in blockchain gaming interoperability is the potential to use individual game assets in multiple games. ▶▶▶ Read more

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Robert Hoogendoorn is a gamer and blockchain enthusiast. He got in touch with crypto in 2014, but the fire really lit in 2017. Professionally he's a content optimization expert and worked for press agencies and video production companies, always with a focus on the video games & tech industry. He's a content manager and creator at heart, started the Play to Earn Online Magazine in early 2020.