Spider Tanks Guide: How to Play, Features, Pros and Cons

Spider Tanks is a PVP brawler game developed by award-winning Dutch company Gamedia, with players able to select from a variety of Tank Bodies and Weapons before engaging in arena-based combat.

Quick facts

  • Spider Tanks is a free-to-play game with several play-to-earn mechanisms that revolve around resource gathering, skill-based competition, and player-driven upgrade cycles.
  • It uses the Ethereum Blockchain and can be played on macOS and PC.
  • It is a multiplayer PvP NFT game focused solely on tank combat, featuring distinctive aesthetics, frantic gameplay, and an intriguing upgrade system with the potential to be quite profitable.

Spider Tanks Review

What is Spider Tanks?

Spider Tanks is the brainchild of award-winning Dutch company GAMEDIA. It starts players off in their own garage, where they can select from a variety of Tank Bodies and Weapons before engaging in combat on one of the numerous Spider Tanks arena levels.

This game, which can be played for free now, features several play-to-earn aspects using the Ethereum Blockchain. There is a significant focus on resource gathering, skill-based competition, and a player-driven upgrade cycle. This cycle focuses on rarity and benefits, where players can buy fully transferable Weapons, Tanks, and Bodies.

The idea behind Spider Tanks is for it to grow into a global play-to-earn Esport where players can choose to compete against strangers or with a small group of close friends.

History of Spider Tanks

Spider Tanks, developed by Gala Games and Gamedia, was recently released in its Beta version in April of 2022 and it has a lot going for it; it’s an appealing game for most players. Fun, frantic, and strategic gameplay combines greatly with various maps and game styles. A strong skill component in the game’s aim, dodging, and teamwork adds to its engaging dynamic.

The game’s key components have been emphasized in recent posts by Spider Tanks, including open access for all users and revenue generated by using in-game items like Tanks and a roadmap letting players get some hint of what is to come in Q3 and Q4 of 2022.

However, players must keep in mind that the game is currently being developed and is still in its early stages. The game’s main flaws include the steep learning curve, a longer than average installation procedure, and how difficult it can be to get your first tank. Despite being free, you must purchase in-game assets to unlock incentives. Critics have complained that gameplay can veer towards monotonous, but it can be rewarding as you unlock additional pieces.

However, these problems will likely improve with time, meaning this thrilling game will only get better.

How does Spider Tanks work?

The Spider Tanks launcher and game client are both available from Gala Games. There are three main game types in Spider Tanks, each with a unique set of goals over varied landscapes. You’ll have a better chance of receiving more rewards if you win.

Team Deathmatch: A traditional PVP deathmatch where the team with the most kills at the end of the time period wins.

Capture the Flag: A classic game mode focused on objective control. After the time period, the team with the most points wins.

Capture The Chicken: A game mode where chickens can be found all over the map. The team aims to recover as many people as possible and return them to their base.

Additionally, there is the Tank Garage, which is possibly the most significant element of the game. Innumerable combinations of bodies and weaponry are possible here. Each component features unique stats and playstyles that can completely change the gameplay.

So how do you make money? Each component listed above is an NFT and hence has actual monetary worth. Players may gain money by collecting, trading, and selling parts, which can be gathered by playing the game. Spider Tanks is a top play-to-earn game available at the moment.

Spider Tanks NFTs

The NFTs in Spider Tanks are represented as “Tank Body” and “Tank Weapon.” A “Hero Tank” can be created by combining the two. Tank battle victories grant players “Victory Points,” which may be exchanged for SILK.

Owners of the maps gain a tiny percentage of the “Victory Points” given to winners for hosting matches on their maps. Owners of “Planetary Nodes” will likewise get comparable benefits. Through the “Pilot Program,” “free to play” (F2P) gamers who don’t own tanks can also take part in the game. Owners of Tanks and Pilots are both qualified to receive SILK prizes.

Spider Tanks cryptocurrency and tokens explained

SILK, an ERC-20 token, will be used to power the in-game economy. Playing the game, winning battles, and improving the ecology all yield SILK. SILK can be kept by players in their virtual treasure chest or used in-game. Players can purchase “Arachnium,” purchase and upgrade Tanks, improve terrain, and do much more with SILK.

Spider Tanks price

On average, one Spider Tanks NFT can cost around $268, with a minimum Tank price ranging from $23 up to a maximum of $771.

How to play Spider Tanks

Each player in Spider Tanks will battle various foes in their chosen and upgraded combat vehicles.

The user can use the machine as is or build their own, choosing the right running gear, hull, and turret. The tank player enters the PVP arena after selecting and configuring them, where they can select from the available alternatives for engagement in combat. (Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, and Capture the Chicken.) By winning these battles, players will earn the in-game currency which can be used in their Garage.

Between battles, players will go to their Garage to equip various parts and weapons to their tank, upgrading it for future battles. As players upgrade their tanks they can rent them out to other players, sell their tanks in the store, or sell parts and pieces for currency.

How to install Spider Tanks

Ready to play Spider Tanks?

Step 1: Click Play Now from the Spidertanks.game or Gala Games websites and you’ll be instructed to create and register for your Gala Games account.
Step 2: Next, navigate to your Inventory and click on ETH to prompt your digital wallet setup.
Step 3: Write down your wallet seed phrase and keep it safe. This seed phrase will help you access your wallet, crypto earnings, and in-game NFTs. Do not share your seed phrase with anyone and keep it someplace secure. You can use this phrase to connect your wallet to MetaMask.
Step 4: Now you can click Install to download and play Spider Tanks.

spider tanks

How to earn money on Spider Tanks

Every player needs to play with an owned tank. You can either buy your own or “rent” and pilot a tank from an owner. As a free-to-play player, you can earn in-game assets by piloting rented tanks or by using free tanks. When a free-to-play player begins to play, they will be assigned a rented tank to pilot.

To start earning right away, however, you’ll wan to start by purchasing a tank or tank components. When you own your own tanks, you’re playing as a Captain. These NFT-based assets can be purchased at the store on the Spider Tanks site or on NFT marketplace OpenSea.

spider tanks

You can improve, upgrade, and buy additional NFT tanks and components. Additionally, renting out your tanks to free-to-play players is an option if you want to make passive revenue. Earn in-game assets and upgrades, then trade or sell your assets on the secondary OpenSea market for cryptocurrency with real-world value.

Pros and cons of Spider Tanks


  • Unlike many other play-to-earn games, Spider Tanks is free to play.
  • Is a popular NFT game and thus easy to find opponents and other players.
  • Is a great way to earn legal cryptocurrency if you have the time and PVP mentality.


  • Requires a more complicated registration, installation, and wallet setup.
  • Higher than average cost of in-game NFT items.
  • Takes some knowledge to get a good tank, get set up correctly, and begin winning battles regularly.


Unlike many other play-to-earn games, Spider Tanks is free to play.

Many play-to-earn games require an upfront investment to play. This investment usually comes in the form of buying an NFT avatar to play use in-game. Depending on the game and the state of the broader crypto market, these NFTs can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Many of the most popular and most polished crypto games require upfront purchases like this. Spider Tanks is a fleshed out, fun title that is free to play and offers NFTs only as a means to get ahead, not to get started.

Is a popular NFT game and thus easy to find opponents and other players.

The crypto bear market has decimated the coin prices of many play-to-earn games. The player base of many of these games has similarly taken a hit. Spider Tanks is a highly anticipated game that’s only in its Beta version, so there are a lot of players currently playing the game and also looking to play in the future. Even in the down-market, this is a game where you will regularly be able to find opponents to play against.

Is a great way to earn legal cryptocurrency if you have the time and PVP mentality.

Play-to-earn games reward players with crypto for in-game actions. Spider Tanks is no different. Your tanks represent NFTs that you can play with, upgrade, and eventually sell for a profit. Of course, making a lot of money will require a lot of game time, and the prices of the NFTs fluctuate on a regular basis. Still, those committed to earning some crypto while playing a fun game can certainly do that in Spider Tanks.


Requires a more complicated registration, installation, and wallet setup.

Some play-to-earn games provide players with the opportunity to jump right in and get started playing without downloading installers and signing up for accounts. Many games even allow playing directly in the browser and require accounts only to save progress. Spider Tanks is a bit more involved than this and requires jumping through a few hoops to get started. The “Getting Started” section of this guide covers the necessary steps to play the game.

Higher than average cost of in-game NFT items.

While Spider Tanks does not require that players purchase NFTs to play the game, anyone who wants to remain competitive while battling more seasoned players will benefit from purchasing some of the game’s higher level NFTs. Unlike other games where the average cost of the game NFTs are just a few dollars, Spider Tanks assets are more expensive. This is in part due to the anticipation around the game.

Takes some knowledge to get a good tank, get set up correctly, and begin winning battles regularly.

Spider Tanks offers rich, in-depth gameplay. Unfortunately, this also means that the learning curve is steeper than it is for many other play-to-earn games. Players can mix and match Tank Bodies and Weapons and the various maps will take some getting used to. Additionally, since high-level NFTs are available for purchase, many other players that you will be facing up against will have better tanks. All of these factors contribute to a grind period that players have to pass before they begin winning regularly.

Getting started

Step One: Register on Gala Games’ website. Registration is currently available in four languages (English, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese.) After that is complete, sign all licensing agreements to get an email confirmation sent to you.

Step Two: Confirm registration via email, and follow the instructions to set up your wallet.

Step Three: Download the game client the run the Installer. To finish the game installation, follow the instructions displayed on the screen. Once the installation is finished, you can launch the game.


How much can you earn from Spider Tanks?

Currently, the amount of rewards earned is based on the rarity of the NFTs used by each player. Essentially: the rarer the NFTs, the greater the monetary value.

What is the Spider Tanks NFT?

A blockchain-based MOBA game called Spider Tanks pits players against opponents riding tanks. The Gala token is the in-game currency, and the game is run on the Ethereum blockchain, while the NFTs include Tank Bodies and Weapons.

Where can I find Spider Tanks for sale?

Spider Tanks NFTs can be found for sale on OpenSea or you can download tanks from the shop on the Spider Tanks website.

Spider Tanks Game Info

  • Genre: PVP brawler
  • Free to Play: Yes
  • Platform(s): macOS and PC
  • Blockchain(s): Ethereum
  • Token(s): SILK
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