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Ev.io is one of the most popular games on the Solana Blockchain. Developed by Addictive Games, the shooter runs in any modern web browser and rewards players with e, an internal token exchangeable for SOL.

The game has been heavily supported and sponsored by Fractal Launchpad, which is now the main marketplace to buy and sell ev.io NFTs.

Players in ev.io can make money by playing the shooter and earning “e” tokens for killing their opponents and winning goals during the fight. The tokens can be exchanged at a flat and guaranteed rate of $5 per 10,000e.

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Ev.io Assets

ev.io NFTs can be used to earn SOL. Each weapon and player skin has a power level. The higher you increase the power level, the more SOL you earn for every achievement in the game.

Participate in special events, daily quests, clan wars, grind and rank up in PVP to power up your NFTs. The NFTs with the highest power level become the most rare and valuable, but also earn the most SOL.

Players can buy ev.io NFTs on Fractal or on the secondary market. Ev.io will surely release more NFTs in the future, but for now weapons and skins are the main ones.

Ev.io Gameplay

At the time of writing, ev.io offers 6 different gameplay modes: deathmatch, mayhem, team deathmatch, battle royale, survival, and capture the flag.

ev.io skin

In deathmatch and team deathmatch, players fight to obtain the most kills. Mayhem is very similar, but has larger scale maps and more destructive weapons.

In battle royal and survival, you will fight to be the last one or the last team surviving.

Capture the flag is mostly enjoyed in teams, and is the best mode for your party to start climbing the ladders.

In ev.io, you can play solo or with your teammates and friends. There’s no deep logic there as of now, but you can already create and join games as a party.

Each player in ev.io has access to multiple upgrades to their characters, including ability upgrades and level upgrades.

Abilities give your champion better movement options, reduced gun down time, and ammunition. Abilities are sets of smaller enhancements that can be levelled up on their own. Most abilities are passive, but you can discover and upgrade 2 active abilities per character.

ev.io character

When the game starts, players are teleported to a sci-fi map where they can fight. You can double jump, triple jump, and make use of any disposable ability. The complete list of maps is:

Drought, Ancient, Hut 8, Fractal, Pawn, Dragon Temple, Enclave, Graveyard, Gypsum, Little Town 2065, Dusk, Frostbite, Intrepid, Trident, Rook, Fracture, Checkpoint, Evasion, Sanctum, Monorail, Rotation, Celarus, Bishop

Parties can eventually decide to establish a clan. Clans are being developed right now, and you can learn more on the FAQ page.

To start playing, simply navigate to the main website, choose the game mode of your liking, and you will be teleported to the map once the network finds enough players.

Ev.io Play To Earn Mechanics

Ev.io is creating the first advertisement engine in the gaming space. Although most games focus on NFTs only, Addicting Games is betting on advertisers to run the game economy.

When players buy an NFT, they fund the game, which in turn uses the funds to make the experience better and attract more gamers.

By providing a large set of players, ev.io is attractive to investors and projects in the metaverse and web3 space, which will be interested in advertising buying billboards, and custom components inside each game.

Advertisers are charged on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis for the service provided, and their budget will go towards a pool of rewards for active players owning NFTs.

Everyone will be subjected to the ads, regardless of their NFT ownership, but only NFT owners in the current game will split the reward generated by the pool.

Ev.io will pay NFT holders through multiple in-game objectives. For example, a headshot is worth more than a normal shot, and capturing a flag is worth more than killing an enemy. These mechanics are not clearly outlined yet, and will be soon.

The team is committed to guarantee a $5 per 10,000e tokens ration. Normally, a kill can reward you anywhere from 1 to 5e, and other objectives could yield you 10.

Regardless of your team and gameplay style, it will surely take you a lot to earn a significant amount of income from ev.io at the time being. This is possibly going to change once the team is successful in attracting more advertisers, which will increase the revenue pool.

Ev.io review

Ev.io is a nifty game everyone can play without any technological barrier. It runs in the browser, it’s fun, and honestly resembles Quake Arena back in the days – in a good way.

The team is making fast and steady progress towards a more enjoyable experience for gamers and advertisers alike, announcing new features and experiences almost weekly on their Discord.

We’re confident this shooter will continue being a stable partner of Fractal and will increase its player base massively in the coming months.

ev.io Key Info

  • Genre: FPS
  • Free to Play: Yes
  • Platform(s): Browser
  • Blockchain(s): Solana
  • Token(s): e, SOL
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