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First person shooters, or FPS games, have long been a favorite among gamers. From the early days of Wolfenstein 3D and Doom, to the genre-defining Counter Strike to Fortnite and beyond, FPS games have been a popular genre in gaming for a long time.

But now the world of web3 gaming begins to see a greater influx of FPS style games. Many offer a play to earn or play and earn opportunity. Some may require owning specific NFTs, while others are completely free to play. The available options continue to grow as more games begin development, and even start releasing alpha and beta tests to their players!

Here are a few of the best, web3 enabled, free to play, FPS games available right now.

On this page we bring you the latest news and information about web3-enabled FPS games!

  • Mini Royale: Nations Launches Season 5

    Mini-Royale launches into Season 5 of their browser-based FPS with a new clan wars format, new heroes, new weapons, new missions, a new battle pass, and even a new map editor! With the nautical theme of Pirate Booty, expect to see some interesting hero and weapon skins this season! Avast matey! It’s time to start […]
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  • Phantom Galaxies Opens Phase 2 of Beta 2

    Following up on their very successful series of Alpha playtests, Phantom Galaxies opened up their first Beta Phase a little over a month ago to a very small set of their players. Now, after a few weeks of testing, they are ready to expand this phase to include a larger playerbase, though you still need […]
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  • Play to Earn with Life Beyond Solo Combat Trials

    Life Beyond released their new Solo Combat Trials feature a few weeks ago, pitting players against a series of obstacles and enemies in a generated simulation. Now they bring us a four week, play and earn event with prizes for the top 10 each week, including ships from Star Atlas! In a cross-game, promotional, play […]
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  • Shoot-em-up to Earn with Grit Launch

    Yee-haw! Another title from the Gala Games system moves into live status as Grit announces their official launch! Now players can wield their six-shooters and rifles in this battle royale, play to earn game. While some games are closing down, others are just getting started. Grit, the western-themed, battle royale, FPS from Gala Games goes […]
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  • Life Beyond Opens Solo Combat Trials

    Life Beyond opens up a new addition to their Hub, with a virtual simulation experience known as the Solo Combat Trials. These Trials server as a challenge, a source of bragging rights, and a training ground, all in a safe, virtual simulation! While we still wait to return to the planet of Dolos, Life Beyond […]
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  • Reserve and Mint Your Unique Shrapnel Callsign

    Shrapnel opens up Callsign reservation, allowing players to reserve their unique handle / character name, for a fee paid in SHRAP tokens. Callsigns not only reserve the name just for you, but they also provide other benefits, and can even be sold and traded to other players! Shrapnel unveils their latest web feature, Callsigns. Callsigns […]
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  • Alpha 2.5 MetalCore Playtest this Weekend

    MetalCore brings us a new playtest this coming weekend, as well as a special play and earn event! The Alpha 2.5 version of this team-based, sci-fi, FPS now offers both PvP and PvE matches, giving players a chance to try out different playstyles and team tactics. Another weekend playtest from MetalCore! Officially dubbed Alpha 2.5, […]
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  • Play and Earn in Superior Playtest

    Superior opens up a two week playtest on Gala Games, bringing players the first opportunity to play and earn, as well as utilize their NFTs! Superior actually launched an early access version on Steam back in November of 2022. And while they have expanded, updated, and bugfixed their game quite a bit since then, the […]
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  • Create and Earn with Mini-Royale

    Mini-Royale brings a new create and earn system to their user base. You don’t even need to be a player. Anyone with the eye and skill to create cool, custom skins can earn money by selling them in-game! It’s the time for modders in Mini-Royale as they open up a new create and earn system. […]
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  • Kill Zombies in R3V3NGE Open Beta

    R3V3NGE, a new zombie shooter game, launches into a free to play, open beta. Now players will have multiple opportunities to kill zombies for fun and profit! Undead Blocks is no longer the only zombie shooter in web3 gaming. They are joined by R3V3NGE, which is now in open beta and free to play for […]
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